Or: How To Save A Beer

A short comix vignette about the everyday experience of saving one's beer from ending up in the sewer.
5 pages.

Completed 19/01/07
Cool Drawing, Dude
Comix & Sketches From The Streets of Ottawa

While sketching, strangers ineract with the artist.
35 pages

Completed 16/11/06
Mushi Comix 1
Through The Spy Can

The fantastical first journey of Mushi, a flying, star-destorying, space turtle.
42 pages.

Completed 17/05/07
Mushi Comix 2
The Itch of Idealism

Mushi ruminates on his life and meets Sushi, a critical minded snail. There are also a few sharks.
32 pages.

Completed 17/11/09
Mushi Comix 3
The Turtle's Passion

Comix about finding satisfaction in doing good work. Featuring some testy pigeons and Mushi.
38 pages.

Completed 17/03/10
Mushi Comix 4
The Future Be Uncertain

Mushi decides it's time to retire. When he discovers he may not get a pension, things happen.
(updating occasionally)...

Completed 21/05/11
Real Ultimate Truth™ - Book 1
Featuring HeyZeus the Wizard-Dude

Why do we think the end of the world is always around the corner? The first adventure of HeyZeus & Co.
51 pages.

Completed 24/12/07
Real Ultimate Truth™ - Book 2
The Art of Self Mastury

HeyZeus has a falling out with his Uncle, they fight for leadership of the gang. Also, the mice are spied upon.
42 pages.

Completed 20/03/08
Real Ultimate Truth™ - Book 3
In Whose Image?

HeyZeus is in full fledged rebellion against his Uncle. His image is stolen. Also, some spiders contemplate hats.
74 pages.

Completed 30/01/09
The Painter's Sublet

A comix vignette about a cartoonist subletting the flat of a painter, and former high-school art teacher.
14 pages.

Completed 19/03/07
Stranger Things 1
While Drawing

While Drawing on the streets, many people interact with the artist. Comix Vignettes. Ottawa, Spring 2008.
40 pages.

Completed 30/05/08
Stranger Things 2
The Zine Fair

The comix artist sells his work at a zine fair. He meets plenty of Strangers. Ottawa, Summer 2008.
24 pages.

Completed 01/07/08
Stranger Things 3
The Street Poet

The Street Poet hangs out with the comix artist for a few weeks. They engage with citizens of Ottawa. Summer/Fall 2008.
66 pages.

Completed 30/09/08
The Watering Hole 1
Beavers with Beards

Beavers and other woodland creatures discuss the nature of reality, drugs, and politics, down at The Watering Hole.
14 pages.

Completed 15/12/06
The Watering Hole 2
The Worker, The Poet & The Bum

The beavers discuss the nature of work, the economy, and the point of life, down at The Watering Hole.
18 pages.

Completed 18/04/07
The Watering Hole 3
The Importance of the X

Woodland creatures discuss democracy, resource depletion & revolution.

(updating every second Thursday)

Completed 21/07/11